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Global Studies
Bina Mehta

Michael Matthews October 13, 2011 Ecology, Nature, and Globalization  How should we measure population? Numbers vs. Intensity  Are the centres of consumption more responsible for the environmental crisis than those who consume less?  How do we value the environment? (overlapping relationship) Ergo, how do we make ethical judgments?  What is the relationship between us and resources?  Who/what governs the environment? Epic failure?  What would you do if I gave you an escalade for free (plus gas)? Consequences?  The story of stuff: What are the connections to environment?  Key questions to consider: In what way are the environmental problems addressed by Steger global issues? Why are some places more vulnerable than others? What is Monbiot’s main assertion about conservationists?  The environment, a global issue? We are inextricably linked through the air, climate, food and water.  Consumption and environmental degradation are connected.  Some say that we are all the same because we are all humans on the same planet.  Who does the buying and using of consumption? Who is more responsible for the environment?  The intensity of natural disasters is increasing as a direct result of climate change.  Some places are more vulnerable than others. “Hot spots” refers to places on the planet that are left without water and more intense climate changes. Africa and Asia have been extremely affected
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