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Michael Matthews November 10, 2011 Conclude about globalization and culture  We have been problemizing the nature of globalization and culture.  The three commonly help ideas/ models about culture are both controversial and complex.  The politics of going abroad “to do good” is fraught with difficulties. “Consuming cultures” has become a key way to understand the debate about development and neo-colonialism.  The commonly held beliefs about globalization and culture, the three culture things are highly contested ideas. Why one of these ideas is the most convincing to you.  Barbra heron- new way of helping people through culture. Are these for profit organization ethical?  Is globalization and culture the way we see it, is it a form of neo colonialism?  A chameleon with a complex: searching for transformational in international service learning.  Kiely argues that: yes, students who engage in international service (to help others) experience profound change in the short term.  But, he is concerned about the long term impacts, citing “an ongoing conflict and struggle about the meaningful action”  He says that the “Chameleon complex exemplifies the recursive and contested nature of the relationship between perspective transformation,” the long term relationship to individual change and social action. Students continue to confront dilemma. They struggle to act on their emerging global consciousness.  Beyond reflection through an academic le
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