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Global Studies
Bina Mehta

Michael Matthews November 24, 2011 10 Years Later  Dialogue is the encounter by men, mediated by the world  Way of exploring the roots of many of the problems that face the world today  How we have changed since 9/11, or if we even have?  Diana Eck- Professor at Harvard. Interested in interfaith communication.  What happens when religion comes into this question of dialogue?  She talks about how different groups realize each other’s mutual vulnerabilities.  Eck worried about domestic and international ramifications of post 9/11.  She talks about how relationships started to change after 9/11 in regards to communication and relationships.  For her, the collateral damage was that the “fabric of trust had been frayed” and this resulted in fear and suspicion.  But at the same time, 9/11 became a stimulus for far more serious dialogue amongst interfaith group (“tragedy more often opens our hearts and creates the space for new beginnings”)  Eck shows that dialogue is premised not on unanimity, but on difference. Dialogue does not aim at consensus but understanding.  What is intifada? Often used as the word “uprising” ongoing conflict between Israel (1948) and Palestine (Arabic word). Palestinian people lived under the Ottoman Empire (colonized by the British).  The Palestinian do not recognize the right of the Israelis to exist and vice versa. There is also a problem of boarders has been a big issue. The third problem is that of security. The fourth problem is water right (central part of this conflict), you need water for irrigation. Jerusalem (very sacred place) is a divided city, big problem. Palestinian refugees are also an issue, who are those who lost their homes  All of this intifada has caused a lot of problems and hatred between the two.  Many attempts at peace- 1993 Oslo treaty.  Two state solutions are trying to be made.  Mohammed Abu-Nimer Dialogue in the second intifada. Al axa (sometimes called this).  Abu-Nimer uses the example of the
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