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Lecture 4

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Global Studies
Timothy Clark

Global Studies Political Globalization Week 4, lecture two -Economic Globalization effects Political Globalization and reversed -Globalization is a process driven by PEOPLE, Steger lacks this definition in his explanation. Basic Perspectives Sovereignty: Two Dimensions  Scale: level max. political authority  Source: what is source of sovereign legitimacythe state serves the people State: total sovereign political institutions covering a specified territory and population Government: law making bodies of the state, i.e. the legislature Two Views on State Weberian State monopoly of coercion/violence, stronger separations of state and economy, Plurism: interest groups compete to influence bus State-Centrism: distribution of power within the state and interests of political elites Neoliberalism: ‘rentier’ side of state Marxism State of superstructure Instrumental: executive committee of bourgeoisie Structural: private ownership of the means of production th Globalization and State in the 19 Century  Pax Britanica economy, military, territorial Economy: factory of world Military: naval supremacy Territorial: “vast empire which the sun never set upon” Hegemonic Stability Theory : Global integration requires hegemonic power to provide public and pri
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