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Global Studies
Timothy Clark

Global Studies Week 10, Lecture 2 Progress and Poverty in Historical Perspective The people in the Congo are being slaughtered, yet in the West, we have a blind eye.  The Long Decolonization (1947-1980): Colonial Reticence; Cold War; and Strength of the Independence Movements  Residual Colonialism: in 2012 the United Nations considered 16 territories with approximately The Cold War and the Discovery of Development  Truman’s Four point speech in 1948: Support UN, Reconstruct Europe; Protect Allies against Soviet Aggression and…  Fourth; create new bold program to help underdeveloped, poor countries—US embarked ecological development after the Cold War Competing Doctrines of Development  Modernization Theory (US and Britain) o Savings, Investment, and Industry—need to channel resources and create a larger class difference, some will invest resources that create a cycle of development  Rostows Stages of Growth o Traditional Society—Preconditions for Take-Off— Take-Off---Drive Maturity—High-Mass Consumption o Rostow says this process occurred in Americas and Europe and should be put into action in Africa  Kuznets Curve o Ecological development occurs with greater inequality because money is put into hands of those that will invest in industry that catalyst factories, jobs, more money for the country o First make society more unequal to create higher standard of living in the future  Latin American Structuralism (Raul Prebisch) o Primary Commodity Dependence or Terms-of-Trade o Terms-of-trade: relationship between imports and exports  Boom-Bust and Income Effects, these countries only export a two or three products so if market for that product falls it crashes in the country, and as world becomes richer the p
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