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Lecture 3

GLOBAL STUDIES Lecture Three: Nations, States and Nation-States

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Global Studies
Dorotea Gucciardo

Global Studies Lesson #3 - HISTORICAL CONTENT (STATE SYSTEM) Nations, States and Nation-States • State • an internationally recognized area or region politically geographical area the possess' sovereignty Government • The single most powerful institution in any society Nation • A group with a shared cultural or ethnic identity does not depend on a fixed territory Nation State: • Refers to a specific type of state, a sovereign territory for a particular nation • the idea of nation-state causes a rift in the norm of states multiculturalism is causing a rift in the norm of nation states. 17thCenturyEurope • Nation-State system emerged • prior to emergence there are two key elements fuelling life in Europe ⁃ Feudalismflourished between the 9th and 15th century ⁃ form of a legal system that defined the structure of a society ⁃ RomanCatholicChurch, from 11th century to the 19th century was one of the most powerful forces in Europe ⁃ centred around Germany, in the peak consisted of France and Italy ⁃ Church had power over all aspects of life, economy ⁃ the decline of the power of the roman catholic church had fuelled the beginning of the idea of the nation-state ⁃ the church emphasized secular power/unity ⁃ 16th century was a revolutionary time with major advances in society, some included: Renaissance era, Capitalist money-based economy (opposite of barter system), technological advances/innovations, printing press (Gutenberg), questioning faith, Protestant Reformation • Protestant Reformation ⁃ Martin Luther had begun the Protestant Reformation ⁃ Questioning and denying the customs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church ⁃ protested indulgences; the only way to rid yourself of sin was decided by God, not how much money was donated ⁃ religious beliefs challenged the position of the Pope ⁃ Pope not needed, all you need is the bible ThirtyYearsWar(1618-48) • mainly i
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