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Wilfrid Laurier University
Global Studies
Theresa Romkey

GS201 Tutorial Responses Michelle Owens September 27, 2013 1. Marxism is often referred to as socialism. Many think he invented socialism. I believe that he created and thought up the basis and foundation for socialism to emerge. He did this with the help of Frederich Engles. 2. Marx thought that human nature was somewhat similar to Liberalism. They both believed in the positives of humans. Marx thought that human nature rarely changed at all throughout history. People are able to create their own lives and wants. 3. Marx believed that for real social change two things were necessary. The philosophy of his social theory was important. He felt people needed a real materialistic understanding of the world and people’s relationships within it. The goal of his work was to develop his theory. He wanted his thoughts to be shared and penetrated into the minds of the people, and they would then have the ability to emancipate themselves. 4. There are many problems that Marx considers the capitalist system obtains. It creates social classes that separate people in society. He also mentions alienation, which refers to how workers are completely separated from society and their social lives and potential. Being oppressed this way creates opportunity for them to be exploited and taken advantage of. 5. Karl Marx felt that the proletariats would lead the revolution. The proletariats were workers who lived and worked in factories and sold their labor power, which sparked the beginning of a capitalist system. Using Marx’s theory, he said that the head (his theory) and the heart (the proletariats) to set off the reaction of a social revolution The theory would expose the proletariats to their oppression. Once they realized the severity of their oppression, Marx’s theory would become a real force driving the revolution. 6. Karl Marx developed historical materialism. It focuses on development socially and economically. It touches on many of the changes in how s
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