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Week 3 Marxism September 23 2013Karl Marx 18181883German philosopher sociologist journalist In the 1700s there was idea of religion being the thing that made us humanthe connection to a greater being oThe Romantics were all about man being close to naturein order to be good it didnt matter where you were born everyone had essential good human natureoMarx was inspired by the Romantics especially Rousseau 1762oRousseau wrote the book Emile on the process of education Thought we needed to get away from aristocracy and priests ruling the peopleHad a vision there would be an age where people were equal and the false gods would be exposedoHe is a materialistconcerned about everyday material existence For Marx he thought philosophy and social theory would change the worldLife is not determined by consciousness but consciousness by life Karl MarxMarx and Engels were focusing on the working class mainly when speaking of social revolution Modern Times ChaplinDaily experience of the worker is depicted as workers being treated as animalstheir bodies are constrained by the labour process Their wellbeing is sacrificed for the sake of increased production oGetting as much labour out of the workers as possiblemodes of production interfere with social interaction among peopleoRelentless pursuit of capital almost without logic and reasonManager is spending his time doing leisure activitiespuzzles movies His relation to the workers is strictly that of authorityordering them around delegating tasksWho are the proletariat Work is not available for everyonefor capitalism to function there must be less jobs available than there are peopleoIncreases competitionurges you to try and be better
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