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Week 4 WeberSeptember 30 2013Context of WritingJohn Locke 16321704oPeriod of struggle in great Britain between the liberals and the monarchya move toward parliament something like democracy oThe economyagricultural revolution common lands were being fenced off by the wealthy therefore property becomes a fundamental aspect of politicsKarl Marx 18181883oIndustrial revolutionindustries growing very quicklyoParis Communeworkers took over Paris for about two months set up a socialist governmentoThese kinds of uprisings all around EuropeoConsolidation of European states during this timemany kingdoms and alliances prior to this Max Weber 18641920oGermany comes onto the European stage as a massive industrial poweroLast decade of his lifeWWI happens Max Weberthe manDont need to know this stuff for examGrew up in Berlinfather was influential politician when Germany was unifiedIn Germany at that time had to do a year of military servicein the officer coreHe was an intellectual hated the brutality of the military yet he somehow admired the power of the German militaryoEnd of the warvery against the policies of his government Became a law practitionermuch broader interests though Marximportant in consolidating idea of social scienceyet Weber became one of the key figures of the birth of social sciences especially sociology oOpens toward interpretive approach to social scienceswasnt trying to make it empirical like the natural sciencesInterested in making sense of the building of the state
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