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Global Studies
Alex Latta

Week 7 OrientalismIdentity and Culture how do we understand the otherOctober 28 2013Edward Said is one of the foremost scholars of postcolonial studiesPostcolonial theorystudiesWhat is postcolonial theory How would you recognize if you were reading itoReplying toanalyzingcritiquing processes of colonialism and their social and political effectsoAre we in fact post colonial In other words is colonialism overPost colonialism examines power relations over time Who are postcolonial theoristsoEdward Said Gayatri Spivak Franz Fanon Chinua Achebe and many moreWhy is it relevant to usoAnalysis of contemporary social life politics and cultureWhat are postcolonial methods of study and analysisoLiterary criticism culture reflects reality or creates itoDiscourse analysis reality is constructed interpretationoPoststructural critique the subject is in flux not static against rationalism and objectivityOrientalism Edward SaidOne of the foundational theoretical tools of postcolonial studies What is orientalismoThe study of the orientwhatever can be said about it in a scholarly sense academia learned Geographical SocietiesNational geographic societiesin royal society in Britain created by a group of explorers and adventurers oStarted during colonial times National Geographic picture of Afghan girl its on the slidesoOne of the justifications for NATO being in Afghanistan was that women were sufferingwe need to deconstruct that narrative to see if there are elements of colonialism in it to see how much of it is true
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