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Global Studies
Alex Latta

Week 8 Feminism and Gender Theory November 4 2013The ReadingsMill a treatise for womens rights based onoLiberal principles of human equalityoThe benefits of including womens unrealized potential in societyEngels an analysis of the evolution of the family and the overthrow of mother right as the world historical defeat of the female sexFreidan critique of womens status in American society during the postWWII periodFeminism in Historical and Contemporary PerspectiveMary Wollstonecraft 17591797Quote from her on the slide from A Vindication of the Rights of Women Chapter II 1792oOutlines difference between culture and nature oThe concept of beautyit is connected to what it means to be a woman Firstwave Feminism late 1800s early 1900sEarly firstwaveoReform to criminal codes marriage lawsoAccess to educationoRight to own property and equality in inheritanceoRights of single womenLater firstwaveoAccess to major professionsoAccess to work in the civil serviceoRight to vote and to be elected to political office Firstwave Feminism SuffrageThe concern for official equality before the law became especially focussed on the right to vote the suffrage movementCanadian suffrage battles won in 191617 Western provinces plus Ontario o1918 nationally Atlantic provinces
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