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Week 9 Antonio Gramsci November 11 2013Video ClipAbout the summit in Quebec that was meant to establish free trade in the AmericasoToday we still dont have thisoMany street protests against the governmentpresence of riot police oIt was a moment in which the whole political apparatus we are embedded in seemed to shiftthe city was no longer a place of the state it was a place of the people oMoment of rupture and fracture of the hegemonic system we live inHowever it was only a momentfaded away quickly and normal life was resumedGramsci1891 Gramsci was born on the island of SardiniaHad an injury as an infanttrouble with his spineGrew up in the countryside as a peasantvery poorAt age five his father was imprisoned for embezzlement and he was raised by his motherFinancial means hinder his education but at age 21 he wins a scholarship to study in TurinWhen he was in prison he produced his famous political worksthe prison notebooks oImprisoned for 11 years last 4 for which he was hospitalized oSeries of reflections that are very focused on whats going on in the country during the time that he is in prisonIl Grido del Popolo1905 Gramsci begins reading socialist publications including Avanti1910 he publishes his first article on a road that will take him from journalist to public intellectual 1913 he witnesses the first election with universal suffrage in Italy and reflects on the new role of popular sectors in political life This is also the year he becomes a member of the socialist party1914 he begins writing for Il Grido del Popolo
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