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Global Studies
Alex Latta

Week 10 Power and Resistance in the PostColonial ContextFrantz FanonWhat is the postcolonialA set of ideas and practices that respond to and analyze the cultural legacies of colonialism What is the post in postcolonialism Frantz Fanon The Wretched of the Earth1961In the name of human rights the rights of individuals are often trampledit is one thing to speak of these things in the abstract it is a different thing to actually live itWho was Frantz Fanon19251961Born in Martinique oAt the time this was a French colonyoThen later it becomes an actual division of FranceoWhen France is invaded by USSR he begins to see the inherent racism of the colonial enterpriseoEventually fights with France against the Axis powersoOnce the Nazis are defeated France deports its nonwhite soldiershe got sent back to Martinique oGets involved in communist politicsoMoves back to France to study to become a psychiatrist oFrom France he goes to Algeriathere he begins being transformed by the brutal colonization he sees oHe was incorporating culture into the work of psychiatrythere are cultural problems that infuse themselves into the individual symptoms need to be treated as a cultural problem not the individuals mental illnessPsychiatrist philosopher revolutionary writerPsychopathology of colonizationAnticolonial liberation movementsBrought to the US under protection of the CIA to get treatment for his leukemia oHeld and interrogated for 10 days upon his arrivalno treatment during that time
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