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Week 11 FoucaultSpace Race and GenderNovember 25 2013Didnt like Marxs conception of poweroMarxpower as a repressive thing that people have to resist against and in labour power the way that people move causes them to become alienated from a natural human being The only way they can fight back is through some sort of revolution oFoucaulttheres another way that power worksdidnt believe it was just the proletariat that would rise up against the bourgeoisie Post structuralismhe is concerned with the idea of the subject who are we as human beingsRacialized subjects subjects according to genderThere is nothing set in stone in regards to things such as gender ethnicity sexuality Looked at larger structures in society eg schools and prisons and looked at how they shape people Why do we assign these categories to peopleeg madness we label some people as normal but others are outside of those boundaries Power is not just repressive power is productiverelationships of power actually produce you as subjects to act in a certain way Some concepts to understand on the slidesoShould know them all by end of lectureDiscipline and punish the birth of the prison The prison as a social mechanism of dominance and poweroIt is where we send people who have committed crimesthey are criminalsoWe have these assumptions about who we think they arewhy do certain subjects become criminalized in this way Power institutionalizedPower on the bodyHe looks at technologies of powerthe way the power of the state is enacted on people oThis is how people learn they are criminals and they may internalize thisOther disciplinary regimes Schooling the military hospitals
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