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GS 201- Tutorial Kymlicka - Reform tradition - Group/ minority rights become difficult o Need to balance with individual rights o Need to respect the individual - Illiberal society o Not all individuals have the same freedoms (ex. Oppress of women) - Locke- didn’t believe in the Church of England because people were forced to believe in the church (HAVE to) o When church and state are the same in society it is illiberal o * works best in homogenous societies, multiculturalism causes issues - Positive liberty- the state uses laws to protect equality - Negative liberty- the state doesn’t interfere in the private sectors Culture - If everyone should have access to liberty they need to have access to their culture (practice, etc.) o Canada is mosaic, USA melting pot o Salad- the toppings improve the salad - “the good” – the good life, what is morally preferred o Classic- the good of the individual *run the race o Reform- the good of the group (communitarianism) *run the race equally Quiet Revolution - Before- the church was in control and Catholics lived in the good life and determined the good - After- the state now in control and allows the individual to have the good life regardless of the religion - Quebec- the burka is banned for “legal/ security” issues o Actually for a fear of loss of culture o Illiberal o Kymlicka doesn’t believe in allowing burka because it creates separation in society, cultures should become closer to Quebec culture *he supports wearing a turban though..... awks - Diversity isn’t actually accepted o We want festiva
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