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Global Studies
Sara Matthews

GS231 – November 29 , 2012h - Essay questions posted (60% of exam) - Address the quotes directly - Don’t repeat ideas- but you can reference book report - To See if I’m Smiling – Film Hijacking and Recovery of Cultural Memory Cultural Memory - Destroyed in war - Ex. Genocide eradicates a culture no people left to tell the story of the people - If you can’t remember something happened it is as if it never happened - Truth/ Reconciliation Council - Gacaca Trials in Rwanda – victims/ perps tell the stories o Restorative justice o Community project - Memories are crucial so we don’t forget about people and events Armenian Genocide - State of Turkey doesn’t acknowledge it - Genocide has many definitions/ uses o Came out of Holocaust studies (Western) - Canada recognizes it Questions - it’s difficult for people to talk about their experiences - Trauma effects memory - Cultural memories are used by perps to claim the conflict was legit - Genocides leave a lot in their wake - If deny the genocide they don’t need to apologise or acknowledge the dead, also election purposes - **UN acknowledged Palestine as a non-member state of the UN Genocide - destroy a national, ethic, racial, religious group through killing, maiming – body/ mind, physical destruction, preventing births and transferring children of the group - **definition isn’t concrete (levels of harm and do we need all these qualities or just some?) - Often defined by the victor, the victims don’t get to define themselves - Doesn’t look like a conflict – not offense and defense Ethnic Cleansing - Leads up to genocide - Forced expulsion, looting/ burning, detentions, summary execution, rape, violations of medical neutrality, identity cleansing (language, Indian Act – lose status) o US State Department - Start small and gain momentum - Need to be aware of policies before we get to the point of genocide - Ethnic cultures – how do we define? o White people don’t connect often to ethnic groups (they see themselves as not ethnic) o Connection to social group that has a national/ cultural group – vague, hockey fans could be - Ugoslavia – ethnic cleansing rather than genocide, why? o A lot of ethnicities involved, competing rather than one group oppressing one other 8 Stages of Genocide - Classification - Symbo
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