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Sara Matthews

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GS 231- October 17, 2012 Ryan Flavelle Guest Lecture - War is for people who like being shot at, I’m not one of them o Would not enlist again o Process is voluntary- volunteering for the military, and then volunteering again for a tour (would never be forced, entirely voluntary) - War is no going back. (like sex) * either you have or you haven’t and it will never match what you thought it would/ the fantasy (porn vs real) (myth vs reality) - The army is ever present (becomes your life) o When you get out the benefits are impossible to figure out because of burocracy o Sr. Sergeant lost his legs and can’t figure out health benefits *and he should be teaching people their rights o Not enough assistance (for injured and not injured veterans) - Don’t take war stories at face value, read, educate yourself and question/ think about what you read o Some exaggeration made more/ less heroic than the actual war o He lost some of the details when writing - For the guys who love war coming home and not having war causes extreme issues (homeless, drugs, prostitutes, etc) - The training camps were worse than Afghanistan - The problem was the inability of officers to be ever present in the communities o Night they would leave, leaving the communities open to the Taliban o One sergeant was present at night (his idea) but he was killed o Causes distrust of the forces o Troops not trained to speak to the civilians in their language but to kick down doors (did learn the different ways to roll turbans, meaning different tribes- distinguish friends from enemy groups) o Tactical error not allowing most efficient patrols/ tours - War veterans aren’t heroes, their daily tasks aren’t heroic, don’t abuse the myth - Afghanistan is based around the opium trade (fields, workers, harvesting) th
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