GS101 Lecture Notes - Anti-Globalization Movement, Globalism, Neoliberalism

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Published on 1 Feb 2013
Michael Matthews October 4, 2011
What is an ideology? Powerful systems, truth, coherent world view, manufactured? Where does truth come
from, and is it real. Ideology is a powerful system of widely shared ideas and pattern beliefs.
It tells us how things are, but also tells us how things should be.
Many people are very suspicious of ideologies because they believe they are made up by elites. Are these
ideologies manufactured by people of power?
Ideology is very powerful because it informs how we see ourselves and others. It embodies your values and
Important for us to study because more than any other subject you will study, globalization is about morals
and ethics.
Is globalization something good or bad?
What is the truth to you? What is your ideological vision? What is your world view? Where do these
positions come from? Is this question too simplistic?
Steger: Globalisms “Ideologies that endow the concept of globalization with particular values and
meanings…” (p. 99)
Market Globalism- most dominant of the ideologies. Very much informed by Neo-liberalism. Strong belief
in the free market. Believe in democracy, and where you put your money.
Claims of Market Globalism: Globalization is about liberalization and integration of the market.
Globalization is inevitable and irreversible
Nobody is in charge of globalization
Globalization benefits everyone
Globalization furthers the spread of democracy in the world. Makes people more available to work, sell,
and prosper.
Justice globalism- does not mean that they are anti-globalization, but what they would like to see is an
alternative view to market globalization. They want to see an alternate globalization. Committed to the
environment, recycling, and effective shopping. May believe in fair trade, but want to support the little guy.
They tend to be pro-union, interested in human rights, help in women’s issues.
Protest Movement- This is a form of ALTER-globalization. An alternative perspective to dominance of
market globalization. May, at the same time, be anti-globalization?
They also like to use the innovations of the market globalization tools that have been created, such as
Facebook and twitter. Fairly ironic that they are using that technology.
Jihadist Globalization: most complex of the three. This is a response to what is often experienced as a
materialistic assault by the liberal or secular world from the political right. Believe in the centrality of God.
No matter what, a fundamentalist interpretation of their biblical texts.
They want to fight against the idea of consumerism. This word implies that it is connected to Islam. Yet you
can be very set in way of Christianity at the same time.
Samuel Huntington- said there will be a fight of different cultures.
Belief in a global Uma. Against modern regimes. Very much against the American media. Americanization
has done poor things to its own culture. They believe you should be seeing/ marrying people of your own
cultures and people. Conservatism perspective.
Jihadist globalism is a very complex idea. It can be applied to other fundamentalist traditions that are anti-
consumer, etc.
Elements of jihadist Globalism: against secularism, consumerism, perceived “Americanization” of the
world, and liberal vs. God.
World Economic Forum- Where market globalists share their ideas. Plan economic policies for the world.
The opposite of this- The World Social Form. This is where the justice globalists go. Chartered principles
are their guidelines. They want to work on civil societies and agendas.
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