GS101 Lecture Notes - Scantron Corporation, Fatah, World Trade Organization

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1 Feb 2013
Michael Matthews December 1, 2011
Bringing it All Together
Look through all lecture notes and slides
Read Steger again
Go over all textbook readings
Fatah radio documentary
Watched Skeptics journey
1800 India
Story of stuff
Securitization?? (hint)
What is globalization (process)? The definition/ start date problem. How did some places become poor with
other rich?
What is the connection between colonialism and globalization?
What is neo-liberalism?
What is the power if the nation state? What are international/ multilateral institutions (IMF, GATT, WTO,
and ICC). What is the role these play in globalization?
How is democracy affected?
What is ideology? (Part truth?) Jihadist globalist, market, justice.
How has the idea of culture changed as a result of globalization? Are we more the same/ different?
What are the challenged/ politics of going abroad to do good?
What are the challenges of globalization and the environment/ biodiversity?
Who defines terror?
What is modernity?
How can dialogue make a difference?
How are human rights a western concept or values/ ways of doing things).
What are the critiques of modern capitalist societies? Why is what we ear important to the story of
Can resistance to the “New Global order (finish online)
How do our ethics/ values/ personal experiences relate to globalization?
Good graph online.
Thursday December 15th 12:00 noon till 2
Athletic complex
Bring one card, pencils, erasers, (using scantron) as well as pens.
Make sure you sit in the right row (Gs101- B)
Write answer on scantron and sheet.
Intro, single body paragraph, conclusion. (as much course evidence as possible)
Neo-liberalism, what is globalization, terror, COLONIALSM, food and environment.
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