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GS101 Lecture Notes - Million Dead, Conditionality, Group Of 77

Global Studies
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Timothy Clark

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Globalization and The Challenge of Development
Crisis in The Congo
Congo is one of the most mineral rich countries in the world
Death toll is nearly surpassing the holocaust
Congo was given to King Leopold III as his personal property and he made over a billion
dollars in wealth from enslaving the residents
The ongoing conflict has been mainly over the immense resources
Slavery (1885-1908), Colonialism, Independence (1950), Assassination (1951),
Dictatorship (30 Years), War (1998-2002), 6 Million Dead (2002-Present)
o All over the past 125 Years
Rape has been used as a war tactic to break women and communities
UN and US governments knew about the Rwanda attack on the Congo almost in real time
US supported Rwanda through the invasion
Obama passed a law allowing the secretary of state to withhold assistance if there was
evidence that a country was attacking Congo and there was sufficient evidence of it.
o Since this law was passed Rwanda has received over 1 billion in fundings
Decolonization to Development
Occurred from 1947-1980
The process of withdrawing from colonies took so long because the powers didn’t want
their colonies to be independent
o Worries about countries turning to communism
o Worried about the strength of countries in independence
Residual Colonialism still exists today
UN considers 16 territories with 2 million people to still be living under colonial rule
The Cold War and Discovery of Development
4 Main Aspects of Development
o Support the UN
o Reconstruct Europe
o Protect Allies Against Soviet Aggression
o Developing the poor, underdeveloped countries
Important to US to avoid communism from the context of the cold war
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