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Lecture 7

GS101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: North Korea And Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Emerging Power, God Bless

Global Studies
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Edmund Pries

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Hard Power vs. Soft Power
Even silence is political
You cannot absence yourself from politics at any time
Hard Power: enforcing power using force (i.e. military, economics)
– bullets and bucks
Soft Power: using culture as a way to influence people and change
people’s minds
oPersuasion and incentive
oInfluencing people without force – using persuasion, friendly
influence as opposed to forcing people through overwhelming
military or economic force/pressure
The Power Order: (how much influential power a country has over
other countries)
oGreat Powers
oMiddle Powers
oSmall Powers
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Powers that are smaller and don’t make it into the
Middle Powers
Rogue Regimes: rebellion
o“Banned international citizen” – they’re not going along with
what most countries in a multilateral system that don’t play
oI.e. North Korea, Iran, Iraq
oHow to deal with them: Containment vs. Confrontation
Failed States:
oUnable to provide the basic needs for its citizens
oDoesn’t have a governmental system
oCan’t enforce law and order
oCan’t provide social programs
oCan’t sign international treaties
oI.e. Somalia (didn’t have a government for a very long time –
now it does), Congo
Emerging vs. Declining Powers
Matters because conflict is often a factor or result of an emerging or
declining power
Declining powers are more apt to get into conflict than rising
oWhen growing, you don’t feel the need to get into conflict
with everyone else because they’re supporting you
oWhen you’re declining, you can feel your power diminishing,
you lash out and get into more conflict
Russia’s and US’s powers are changing with the rise of China and
oWhen they see this, they feel the need to assert their
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