GS101 Lecture Notes - Bubonic Plague, Global Health, Guillain–Barré Syndrome

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23 Nov 2012
Global Health Context
- Global health has been an issue in history
Epidemic: Outbreak of disease that attacks many people at the same time. It can spread through
one or several communities. Occurs suddenly, and at high intensity.
Endemic: Refers to a disease that happens in a geographic region. Ex. Malaria is endemic to Africa.
Pandemic: Epidemic has spread worldwide.
Infectious Diseases: Referring to a disease that is spread through one person. Contact can be direct
or indirect. Can often occur as an epidemic. To stop infections from spreading’s, we have vaccines.
Non communicable dieses (NCD): Dieses that are not spread through people via contact. Depends
on life style. For example, heart disease.
The richer the nation is, the healthier people are.
Globalization and health
- Shaping globalization is affecting health
- Economics, there has been a trend for globality. The more that people have been interacting
with reach other, the more diseases.
- Epidemics have destroyed populations
- Epidemics in the future will destroy populations
- The most famous epidemic: Bubonic Plague
o In the 14th century they didn’t know what it what so they called it great dying
o According to witness the plague travelled from Asia in ships that arrived in Geniva
o Also arrived from Asia in ships to Italy, from there the disease marched north to all of
Europe, reaching Moscow
o 1347- 1351- most bad years for this year
o Buboes: painful, hard swellings on the body in the lymfnodes, can spread throughout
o Rats spread the bacteria that started the plague. It would bite the human, the virus
would be spreading for 6 days and the humans wouldn’t know.. then the victims would
be having chest pains, coughing, difficulty breathing, vomit blood, high fever, and
buboes…also may experience hallucinations, coma, and death would fault
o They did not have anti biotic so you would die. Greater than 50% of death, 1/3 of
Europe wiped out
o Plague did not occur within hunter gather society because they are always on the
move, rats could not settle.. in cities the rats would live in the stores of food.
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