HI114 Lecture Notes - Palmer Raids, Espionage Act Of 1917, Iron Curtain

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Published on 29 Nov 2012
McCarthyism and the Red Scare of the 1940s and 1950s
McCarthy is a republican in 1950, he speaks at a women‟s club,. He says he has
a list that contains the names of 205 people who are communist in the state
department. (very drastic accusation, like saying theirs 205 alequeada members
in government today)
Key Players
Harry S. Truman
J. Edgar Hover
Richard Nixon
Justice Department
HUAC ( House Committee on Un-American Activities)
The First Red Scare 1919-20
The Great War 1914-18 (US joins 1917)
The Russian Revolution 1917
Comintern 1919, is a insuttion to spread communism around the world
Espionage Act 1917 out laws any public statement that would obstruct the war
effort or aid the enemy
Immigration Act 1917 bars anyone to a revolutionary organization you are not
allowed to enter the states, can be deported back to home country if found in the
Sedition Act 1918: Makes any “disloyal” opinion punishable with up to 20 years in
prison, could mean demeaning references to the American flag or American
Major Unrest in 1919
-Settle General Strike (Mayor Hanson calls in the troops)
-May Day rioting
-36 Bombs explode (Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer) thought to be
The Palmer Raids
-7 November 1919- 12 cities, 300 arrested
-2 January 1920- 33 cities, over 4000 arrested
The End?
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