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Andrew Medeiros

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November 2 , 2011 OFFICE HOURS tomorrow 11-2 DAWB 3129 The Carolingian Renaissance Frankish book culture: - Abbey of Corbie, late 7 early 8 century very important, intellectual centre of late Merovingian -500 Frankish manuscripts from eighth century or earlier (200 from second half of eighth century) -Texts show a concern for uniformity, establishing authority -Copy and preserved texts, great effort to transmit information (created new knowledge as well) -Leuxeiul scriptorium: monastery, 27 surviving codexes - Monastic scriptorium: produced books for patron and sell not just church -Corbis copied Gregory of Tours The Renaissance: motivations and methods (Christian renaissance) - Admonitio Generalis: key doc in ren. Charlemagne’s inspiration for starting it all -Letter of Bagaulf:concerned that monks cannot express themselves well (poor literacy defaults in understanding), need capacity to understand scripture, -Cultural patronage -New schools: big on education to -Concern for basic literacy: once ach
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