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Alicia Mc Kenzie

Standing on the shoulders of giants: The Germanic Successor Kingdoms States that follow the Roman empire— not the barbarian packs (real states) What were the successor kingdoms? What level of continuity between late Roman period and period of Germanic rule? “Barbarian” government: origins War-leader king Widespread, short-lived talents Have source saying Germans have democracy, not a centralized structure Seen as bad by Romans, but not necessarily Sacral king Lasting powers Acts in religious context only Germanic kingship operated from both war-leader and sacral Overlordship by arbitration Judges (Goths) Over-kings (Franks, Almanni) Influence of Roman wealth Kept groups happy by making tribute to these leaders King disperses wealth to the followers The Vocabulary of power (g. Remegius to Clovis, talking as if he were Christian when he was probably arian at the time) Appeals to the virtues of Clovis Barbarian opportunism and the collapse of the western Empire: the visigoths Aquitane (Aquitania was Roman province) Sueves (Crossed Rhine) Romans enlisted Visigoths to defend Roman properties there Visigoths take Roman prisoners Visigoths usually cooperated with Rome in the later period Euric (d. 484) and the kingdom of Toulouse At time when Rome exerting no control over the area Cooperated with southern Gaul bureaucrats Makes deal with western Rome, trading away Sidonius and his city Trades away Clairmont Sidonius Apollinaris Had no interest in being ruled by the Visigoths Very offended by Euric’s betrayal Tarraconensis (472) Tension between them and Franks Lose battle of Vouille (507) Capital change to Toledo because cannot defend (teleuse? {spelling?}) Isidore of Seville (classical scholar) 20 book encyclopedia Writes propaganda Was arian Relationship between church and state even closer under Visigoths Visigoths only ppl building cities in this time Because Roman thing to do; want to be seen as Roman Some Germanic nature Not very healthy Foederati relationship with Rome Frontier Issues: The end of Roman Britain [reference 406 Rhine crossing] People withdrawn from frontier, including Britain Usurper emperors taken up Looking for someone who cares about their concerns Constatine III(408) Effectively ruling in west Overeaches, tries to invade Italy, executed Rome never gets control back over Gaul after this Zosimus (408-409) ConcincesArmorica and others to create an alliance Say not subject to Roman law Threw Constantines officials out Later wrote to Emperor asking for help Pelagianism Pelagius – religious scholar, believed did not have to surrender will to god… salvation not based on God. No original sin, Adam is sim
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