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Wilfrid Laurier University
Alicia Mc Kenzie

Barbarian Kings and their States: Theodoric, Clovis, and the Echoes of Empire How did rulers like Theodoric and Clovis regard Roman society and culture? How Romanized were their respective states? Was the Roman influence in Ostrogothic Italy and Merovingian Gaul a positive one? {major thematic questions} Theodoric’s government Lived for 10 years as hostage in Constantinople (learns to love Roman culture, and is educated) Sent by Zeno to get rid of Odovacer Cassiodorus Wrote much about Thedorics gov’t; wrote on behalf of Theodoric Restored aquaduct, houses, walls CollectedAnnona Core function of Roman state Held Olympic Games THESEALL SHOWED HISATTEMPTS TOAPPEAR ROMANAS POSSIBLY CAN Foreign policy Pannonia, Provence Buffer against the Franks Marriage alliances Thuringians, Burgundians, Vandals Rex versus emperor Happy to let Theodoric go east But worried now that he becoming emperor He is rex (king in latin) cuz he knows it makes ppl uneasy {Roman aristocrats supported the pope} Theodoric starts to seem conspiratorial so he executes many of the officials (?) Perhaps because had no heir, acted harshly Dies soonafter Poor Goths tended to beArian, well off goth imitates Roman culture The Gothic Wars and the Fall of the Ostrogothic state Amalasuntha Thinks should be reagent (woman), for grandson of Theodoric who is young Overthrown May have tried to receive military support from constantinople (Justinian ruling) Theodehad May have had her murdered (now gives cause for invasion of goths cuz she was in league with other military in Constantinople and Justinian [Gothic wars born] Wittigis Lose Ravenna War with Byzantium 535-554 Battle of Busta Gallorum 552 {Roman way of life in countryside ends} Lombards Convinced to enter Pannonia Extremely militaristic (not Romanized at all) (Bad decision to let them in) Different gov’t Conquered land quickly East Romans wreck the Ostrogoths Had lived peacefully, with decent standard of living for a time Warlords Become kings: Clovis and Frankish State Clovis Battle of Vouille (507) Kills enemy king himself Council of Orleans (511) King + bishops get together, decide on law (church publishes canon lawRoman law) Church priorities become states priorities Slave treatment, caring for minorities, etc. Endowed church Gives church money and land To fulfill their social responsibilities Relationsh
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