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b Oct 9

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Alicia Mc Kenzie

Empire of the east: Byzantium and Persia’s Long War Why was the war between the Persia and the eastern Roman empire so protracted? What consequences did it have for both empires and the frontier culture between them Persia Rise of Sasanians (3 century) Succession crisis, Sasanians take over Turn to Rome Relationship with rome Zoroastrianism Considered heresy by Christians Neighbours, rivals, and equals Frontier is well-defended Similar strength Peria VS Rome Kavad I Invades eastern empire Want access to Caspian Sea / passage across Caucasus(6 century) 3 Major wars Khusro I (540) Attack Lazica (Belisarius used by Rome) Treaty (whoever wins the most territory gets more tribute) Justin II (573) Allies with Turks Coexistence harder now, Persia thinks Empire trying to stab it in the back Both making alliances, competing with each other Khusro II Palace coup Father overthrown by a general He tried to rule, but fled to Maurice (who helped him regain power) 591 appears at St. Sergius at Resafa (propaganda, seems like convert to Christianity) Usurps the Persian throne, obtaining the throne again Phocas Murders Maurice (loss of face for Khusro II if does nothing about it) Why attack Maurice murdered Excuse to attack rome Maurice’s mystery son (propaganda for Persians) The last Persia-byzantine war Armenia Bad relations between him and Byzantine for a long time Mountanous, frontier land, geographically advantageous Religion = Christian, technically Persian (culture blend) Betraying own troops (attacking Persians cuz Christian) Not fond of east Romans either Heraclius (second Heraclius the important one) Seizes Egypt Balkan Problems Slavs andAvars, (avars huns little brothers on northern borders, territory lost) Persians take Palestine sack Jerusalem (614) Chalcedon (615) Invasion of Egypt (619) Take the Empire’s taxation system revenues, don’t destroy it Avars – 623 attack
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