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b Oct 28 - Persians

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Alicia Mc Kenzie

The New Frontier: Islam and the West Pirates: TheArabs in the western Mediterranean Sicily: raids, conquest Byzantine position in 7 /8 centur (so it’s greek) Attack by Syria then NorthAfrica By mid 8 century trying to occupy it Strategic; can be used as naval base The conquest takes longer than anticipated because there were rebellions in North Africa Fall of Syracuse (878) Conquered middle 9 century Muslim conquerors may have just been living off booty Could attack anywhere in Italy from Sicily Attractive as mercenaries Emirate of Bari (846-871) Attack on Rome (846) Vatican pillaged Incastallamento [In summary: Arabs problematic, but most attention goes to Spain] Spain: the initialArab Conquest Rapid conquest (711-716) Take out Spain, can take out rest of gov’t Visigothic kingdom not entirely visigothic; may not have been loyal to Visigoth rulers Roderic and the battle of Guadalete (711) Cities important to Visigoths, building at this time when most others were not [not a harsh conquest, could surrender at the right time to keep most of what you had] Centers of Resistance Asturias, Basques(terrorist group), Pyrenees Raids on Southern Francia Avignon, Lyon Toulouse (721) [conquest a source of money, don’t raid mountains, but raid southern gaul because accessible] Capital of Visigothic capital – Toulouse Beaten very badly, but doesn’t get a lot of attention Eudo ofAquitaine [People may have been trying to blacken his reputation, or he took sides and caused his own demise] Charles Martel and the battle of Poitiers (732) Pippin II and the succession crisis All of his sons died before he did; names infant grandson his heir BUT. Mayor of palace needs an active leader, baby can’t be on battlefield Falls apart right away Frankish Civil War (714-721) Charles Reinstates boundaries of Frankish kingdoms, great general Illigetiate heir saves reagent + baby “Belisarius of the West”? [offers land to people who had horses, feudal relationship] (no battles lost after 716) I
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