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b Oct 30 - Imperial West Reborn

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Alicia Mc Kenzie

The Imperial West Reborn: Charlemagne How did the Frankish State transition into a new era, under a new dynasty? What political factor shaped the recreation of a “Roman” Empire in the west? {This is the Carolingian period.} The Rise of the Pippinids “Do-nothing kings” But had a lot of young rulers, and rulers die young Damnatio Memoriae Mayors of the palace (maiores) -kings not having any authority, they can just rally forces -Can exert control over kingdom because he has resources and allies Pippin II Battle of Tertry (687) Destroyed the entire army of a major enemy (consoliates his power) Dux et princeps francorum Not calling himself mayor anymore; but not quite king either Charles Martel “Vicious circle” of consolidation and rebellion Success of Pippins inspired other people to do the same Pippins effective at destroying these local power bases ANew Frankish King: Pippin III Pope Zacharius Asks if a king with no power rule; or should the one with power be the king The papacy is looking for new defenders; says the one with power Pippin III declared King; have no legitimate right (this is a coup) 751 coronation (by Boniface?) Consecration by Pope Stephen II Question of legitimacy (Pippin now has power in the west; legitimately Lombard War (750s) Aistulf Pippin marches across alps and siegesAistulf; makes him agree not to attack Killed by Pippin III in siege when he reneges on treaty to not attack Rome Liber Pintificalis Charlemagne, before the empire {Had four wives and seven concubines; creates a succession problem.Anyone who marries one of his daughters; especially legitimate one, can lay a claim to Frankish throne.} Consolidation problem All Germanic peoples should be brought under Frankish rule (Clovis tried this too) Saxon Campaigns Destructions of the Irminsul (main Saxon Tree), retaliatory raids Trying to “civilize” them, (turn Christian) Problem: Saxons have no king, it was marshy so gighting them with cavalry difficult Enforced Chrristianity by punishing pagan practives with death Too heavy-handed, Saxons didn’t convert Lombard compaigns Siege of Pavia (773-4) Annexation Avars (790’s) – {little less significant; cuz shorter} Invasion of Bavaria, destruction of the
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