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Wilfrid Laurier University
Alicia Mc Kenzie

“Welding together a nation”:Alfred the Great and the emergence of England [Outcomes for England compared to Francia are quite opposite] Early raiding in the British Isles Scottish Islands Lindisfarne (793) In fight spread in all directions killing animals, priests, nuns Stole relics Was resting place of St. Cuthbert(clergy would see this is BIG deal) Iona (800? 802; more damaging one) Important because founded by Columba; heart of Celtic Mediterranean Like Jerusalem for Irish church In 802 church burned down, most monks flee to Kells Cellach and Kells Built stone church in Kells because they lost the church at Iona But lost it again (monks killed; about half monks @ monastery) Southern raids Early victories vs Vikings by ealdormen Invasion Great army (coalition; number of Scandinavian armies) Francia did not have full scale invasion; England did 865 arrival in EastAnglia Danegeld Paid Danegeld to Vikings, but then they would attack them anyway Anglians paid them in horses Since they weren’t fellow Scandinavians prolly thought could get away with it Jorvik Coldingham – basically a nunnery (abbess Abba) Abba assembles sisters; told heathens are coming Aebba cuts off her nose and upper lip and all sisters do the same When they show up, heathens burn it down; nuns die Vikings leave, but nuns still die virgins They can’t fight this army, but they can still resist; keep virtues A“protection racket?” Put up puppet kings so that Vikings can collect Danegeld from them No king; can’t collect in anarchy Alfred the Great Situation with great army, arranged succession so that brother followed brother; not sons Knew they would be fighting whole lives, so he needed real kings 878 Alfred and the cakes He hides from his own court, and lives with housewife who doesn’t know him He must watch her cakes to earn his keep, but he lets them burn Battle of Edington Alfred assembles troops and defeats part of the coalition army Coalition army was a coalition (so not all together) “Treaty” of Wedmore Guthrum Forms pact with Alfred Danelaw Burhs He fortified all of his settlements (now called boroughs) Vikings can’t sack anything because everything is fortified Alfred blunted Viking invasion Toward end of 9 century early 10 th Widespread conversion of Vikings So
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