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c Nov 18 - The Norman Conquest and the Capetian Jigsaw

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Alicia Mc Kenzie

The Norman Conquest and the Capetian jigsaw: Building France and Remaking England {adapting to feudalization of social + political structures} What events led to the succession crisis ( that led to the Norman conquest)? What were the French and Norman strategies that were ultimately successful? ANew Frankish King and His Challenges: Hugh Capet {West francia, Capetian dynasty succeeds carolingians} Crowned in 987 Aquitane partially centralized from an early stage, but exception to rule Many places suffering feudal fragmentation (severe) Residual loyalty to the Carolingian Dynasty He has a claim to the throne, but not a very good claim Depicted as not Carolingian (seen as a bad thing) Connection to the Church Hugh realizes importance of church (not to extent of Otto) {Lecturer says she onece lecture at UofT in front of 5 people; suggestive movements under winter coats in back of lecture hall, lol} Use of regalia rights Has to get people on his side Co-kingship Asks if he can crown his son Robert co-king Cuz he might have to leave and fight the muslims This gives the dynasty stability; done throughout dynasty The royal domain (lands, propertis, rights of king small under Hugh Gained control over old caroingian states (still far too small) King does not have enough resources, cannot compete with feudal lords Everything based on land holdings in this age King was in a weak position, but in good position with Dukes of Normandy (changes later in history) The Evolution of French Kingship Robert II (d1031) Consolidation of territory [early Capetians could take land holdings back after people died, they would not go to next of kin] Didn’t have enough power to claim land by force Changed later, good for kings power Focused too much on external issues Capetian coronation ceremony E,G. relate to Clovis, rather than Carolingians (skipping them) New image of king as a healer (attempt to rely more heavily on sanctity of kingship) Need this if fighting for supremacy w/ feudal lords th Social changes in France (11 century) Importance of market economy increasing Cathedral schools in France creating scholars Henry I (died 1060) – ruled 30 years {maybe they had good genes, lived a long time. More stability to Capetian kingship as a result, more time to act} Marriage alliances Marries of daughter to holy Roman empire Connections with other continental rulers French kings can reach farther now Philip I (d. 1108) Marital problems Couldn’t have kids with her, divorced her because she “got too fat” This wasn’t okay at this time (marriage more formal now) Church says you should prolly remarry her He responds by having children with Duke ofAngoue (spelling?) Excommunicated, retires from active life, leaves son in charge Important cuz century earlier would have had no shame for these actions Ile-de-France Rights to minting Provosts Officials that carry out royal instructions, witness legal work Continued consolidation territory Could not have vassals under direct control Villeneuves AScandinavian England: The Viking (Shift to England now) 1013 invasion Swein (king of Denmark) and Canute (son) Invades England, many town submit to him He dies 1014, Canute leaves because he needs to go back to Denmark to claim throne 1015 invasion Canute returns Athelarnd (spelling?) son Edmund saves the country
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