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c Nov 20 - Zombie Popes, sorcerers, and craziness

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Alicia Mc Kenzie

SORCERERS, PORNOCRATS, AND ZOMBIE POPES: THE FEUDAL CHURCH IN CRISIS Why was the history of the papacy in this period a litany of craziness? The papacy, the Caroligians, and unintended consequences Louis the Pious (during his reign) (charlamagne’s son) - Will not interfere With Rome o But Louis actually puts the papacy at disadvantage by staying out of it Constitutio Romana (824) - Papal administration becomes factionalized; strife increases o If rejected as pope, could leave and find military; come back and invade Pax Italiae - Influence of Carolingians, papacy has land of its own and money o Pope has economic and political power as a result  This si why people fighting over papacy in this period Pope Sergius II Later Carolingian Kings don’t have enough power to intervene (ie. Charlamagne’s grandson) Pope Nicholas I (reigned 858-867) Lothar of Lorraine and Theutberga - Lorraine part of Frankish kingdoms because they were becoming fragmented - Theutberga gotten rid of by husband 864 attack on Rome Archbishop of Ravenna (capital of Byzantium) - Excommunicated when pope ordered him to come to trial Photius and the schism - Nicholas thinks he has a position above others o Says no one can promote Patriarchs without his approval - Photius was patriarch; excommunicated pope - Resolved conflict eventual Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals (Pseudo = originally thought to be real, but they are not) Pope Formosus (reigned 891-897) Bishop of Porto - Excommunicated, but can return as long as he doesn’t go to Rome - Cannot transfer from bishopric to papacy o But glossed over in period Guido and Lambert of Spoleto - Named them co-emperors o Made demands of him; he didn’t like Arnulf - Army tried to replace the emperors, but half his army dies from disease Agiltrude - Wife, defends city fromArnulf, but he still forces himself into the city [Formoses dies, Arnulf dies, Guildo dies…] The Cadaver Synod (897) - Ordered pope Formoses to be dug up and put him in papal robes, and put him on trial - Dragged up his switching of bishoprics o Walked up and down interrogating dead body  disturbing - Find the dead body guilty o Cut off fingers, strip of papal robes o Bury him again, offense not bad enough not for burial - Graverobbers dig up pope, but find mutilated body and throw in the tiber river - Tiber river floods and apparently the body performs miracles o Eventually reburies [papacy laughstock] The Papacy as a family possession Leo V and Christopher - Replaced by Sergius, who invades and t
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