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4 The Red Tide

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Alicia Mc Kenzie

January 21, 2014 1 THE RED TIDE (the Russian revolution) 1. Ideological underpinnings 5. Consolidating power and the civil war 2. Socialism and Russia 6. Exporting revolution 3. Leninism 4. The revolutionary year Russia was seen as the first step towards a global revolution IDEOLOGICAL UNDERPINNINGS - Socialist ideas in and around Russia originated from French Revolution - Marx and Engels – great influence - Splits in the socialist o Revolutionary socialist – everything needs to be completely reforms o Socialists which believe existing social structures may be used Legacy of the French revolution Key concepts for revolutionary socialists - Equality - Elimination of discrimination between different social groups Marx and Engels - Marx middle class son of a civil servant - Converted from Judaism - Engels son of a rich industrialist - Experience of 1848 - Radical critique of industrial capitalism o Proletariat revolution to create a socialist state Class and Scientific Socialism Division into haves and have nots Contradictions in Capitalism January 21, 2014 2 Reducing cost of production o Lowers wages until people are exploited o Boom + bust cycles  Increasingly severe  Eventually majority will be selling themselves for labour • Revolution  Communism Splits in the Socialist Camp Socialist movements - To what degree to pursue a revolution / work within existing social systems Persecution and competing interests - Socialist undesirable; persecuted by wealthy/political leaders SOCIALISM AND RUSSIA On the surface Russia is an autocracy - Had been terrorist attacks in 1980’s-90’s against Czar Russia does not fit the mold Weak middle class Rapid industrialization - Only in certain selective areas in Russia o Russia not a candidate for an effective revolution LENINISM Take on rev. socialism that makes it okay for Russia to have a revolution Schism of Russian Socialism Mensheviks vs Bolsheviks 1903 - Different ideas about revolutionary socialism Determination of Lenin to have his own way The Lenin Solution Lenin argues we don’t have to wait for the right time like Marx and Engels had said January 21, 2014 3 - Shortcut by professional revolutions o Coup de etat, overthrow established gov’t  Establishes revolutionary elite above others while preaching equality • Putting one elite in the other’s palce - The need for the state to tell people what to do will fade away (Marx) o Lenin says we’re going to need the gov’t to crush everyone anyway  To make every
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