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Lecture 9

HI112 Lecture 9: Lecture 9-10

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Susan Neylan

Lecture 9: The Great War 1. "Ready, Aye, Ready" o 4 Aug 1914-11 Nov 1918 o 625,000 overseas, 60, 000 dead, 160,000 casualties (Cdn pop=8 million) o nativism: e.g. Berlin, ON 2. Mobilization o pre-war=Canada's standing army: 3,000 regulars + 60, 000 militiamen o First Canadian Expeditionary Force=30,000 (60% British-born, 1/2 from Western Canada; 1/3rd from ON; 1 in 3 Aboriginal men enlist) o Nativism ▪ No 2 Construction Battalion ▪ First Nations contributions; 1 in 3 Native men enlist; 114th Battalion ▪ Japanese Canadians o Sam Hughes and the Ross rifle affair 3. The Horrors of War: Technology in the Great War o machine guns o artillery (Brits expend 170 million shells in 4 yrs.; Big Bertha can fire 120km) o chemical warfare o transportation: tanks, trains, cars, horses o communication: telephones, telegraph, runners, pigeons o aircraft: planes, zeppelins o ships: dreadnoughts, U-boats (submarines) 4. "In Flanders Field": Canadian contributions in the war o Ypres (Apr. 1915): first gas attack; 1850 dead; 3410 wounded; 775 captured (1/3 of all Cdn troops) o Somme (July 1916): 24, 029 Cdn casualties; 1 million dead in total on both sides o Borden
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