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Lecture 3

HI112 Lecture 3: Lecture 3-4

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Susan Neylan

Lecture 3: Social Impact of Industrialization 1. Impact of Industrial Revolution on Canadian working peoples o canals and railways and telegraphs o ideal of rural self-sufficiency (salt of the earth: the independent farmer) vs. new industry as the mover and shaker of the nation o urbanization 2. Industrialization o primary, secondary, and service industries o under what conditions will industry thrive? 3. The creation of a new social order: o new values o impact on standard of living ("living wage"?) ▪ 1900-1910: weekly income to cover basic necessities for family of five=$11.23; weekly wage for workers in industries which did not have significant numbers of female or child workers=$7.78. 4. Changes of the Nature of Work: ON THE FARM o modernization and mechanization o from way of life into business (e.g. cheese production in Ontario) o rural depopulation o the "Home Children" (1860s-1920s: =80 000) 5. Changes of the Nature of Work: IN THE CITY o labor as commodity o skilled/artisan production (apprentices and masters) o control lost o wage paid labor; "hands" 6. Changes of the Nature of Work: ON THE FRONTIER o bunkhouse men, navies or blanket stiffs o seasonal itinerant workers (immigrant men) Lecture 4: Solidarity Forever: The Making of the Working Class 1. How industrialization changed where people worked o factories as site of production; separation of worker/employer o workplace size increased; noise from mechanization 2. How industrialization changed where people lived o concentration effect o
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