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Salem [1] The Nature of Witchcraft Lecture topics: History Types of Witchcraft The Evil that Witches Do How a Witch Does What She Does How to Catch a Witch

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Darren Mulloy

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HI114In LectureSalem 1 The Nature of Witchcraft1692 Salem Massachusetts Puritansreligious descendants left England between 162040 and moved to the new world couple of reasons access to land wanted to create the new holy commonwealth saw the english church as corrupt so wanted to provide a new start for themselves and provide a moral example for those back in england we must consider that we shall be as a city on a hill the eyes of all people are upon usalso brought old European ideasvalues with them one of which was belief in witchcraft WITCHCRAFT AND ITS HISTORYbelief in magic is common in many societies supernatural abilities the church used to coexist with witchcraft peacefully until the 12th century when it starts taking a more negative view of those it viewed as hereticsamong the first to be criticized were jews gay men lepers then witches around the 14th centurySprenger and KramerMalleus Maleficarum book summation of everything that has been known discovered about witchcraft until that pointbook available to clergy and government in salemthis issue is not just important to the church but to the secular authorities and the government and how to try and convict witches THE STATE MUST ACTkey texts that makes the connection between witchcraft and womenas a result of increasing interests witches go from being an individual threat to being an organized threat to Christianity and the churchthe reason this sect was believed to be taking place was people were increasing signing pacts with the devil in a conspiracy to take down ChristianityBOTH A RIVAL AND A THREAT TO CHRISTIANITY14501750the great European witch hunt500009 million people are killed as witches the most eminent minds of europe believed in witchcraft Newton Locke etc top scientists statesmen philosophers believed we lived in a dualistic universe things from the invisible world could pass over into the material world NOT an eccentric beliefTHREE TYPES OF MAGICwhitemagic supernatural beliefs that is used for innocent or good purposes curing the sick helping crops bringing good luck ie rabbits foot wearing the same socks for every gameblack
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