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Salem [2] Witches In Salem Lecture topics: History of witchcraft in England Why Salem was different Events at Salem [1]

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Darren Mulloy

HI114September 28In LectureSALEM 2 WITCHES IN SALEMWitches in Englanda widespread problemcarol karlsen the devil in the shape of a woman witchcraft in colonial new england16201646no prosecutions for witchcraft however there were informal accusations against Anne Hutchinson Jane Hawkins and Mary Dyer first two banished Dyer executedsuggests there were no trials because there was to much else going on colonists were to concerned with economic survival to be bothered with witchcraft16471663 intense witch fear79 people accused33 tried15 found guilty61 out of 79 people and 13 out of 15 executed were women13 accused in Hartford CT 16621663During this time that the standard range of witchcraft behaviour is established pts from last weekpact with the devil is also established during this time as an important part of witchcraft imported from europe166488 slight decline75 people accused 58w 17m12 tried 9m 3w3 women convicted 0 executeddecline in intensity in the fear of witchcraftwhy carson says there is a change in character of the people who are being accused of being witches people higher up the social ladder are among the accusedmen who were not married to suspected witches were accusedPuritan church did not like this and effectively closed these proceedings down because it was not those they wanted to be accused168893The Godwin caseboston 1688kids become possessed washerwoman is accused of being a witch meets the standard classic old hag catholic poortried convicted executedCotton Mathers Memorable Providences 1689
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