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Vietnam [2] Lyndon Johnson (1963-68) That "Bitch of a War" Tonkin resolution, escalation, the quagmire The Anti-War movement gets going The Tet offensive (1968)

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Darren Mulloy

HI114November 16Vietnam 2 Lyndon Johnson 196368ATHAT BITCH OF A WARThe Great Society at home v The war Abroadwanted to be a president to educate the young people feed the hungry develop medical insurance war on poverty expanding on what Roosevelt startedVietnam isnt top of his list but didnt want to use the war didnt want to see SE Asia go the way of ChinaShared the domino theory thought it was Americas job to defend the world against communismThe JFK Connectiona cowboy radical who doesnt even pretend hes thinkingKept many of JFKs advisors in placeRobert McNamarasect of defenseDean Rusk 0 sect of stateMcGeorge Bundynational security advisorThe Deteriorating Situation in South VietnamGeneral Minh took over after DiemThe Generals Take OverMinh to Khanh Jan 1964US wants a better leader another coup is organizedThis cycle continues for yearsCan South Vietnam surviveMarch 1964VC control 40 of South Vietnamese county sideJCSAmericanization of the warusing American troops directly to fight the Viet Congbombing North Vietnam directlyJohnson wasnt inclined to go this farthought that sudden presence of masses of American troops would undermine the Saigon regimeundermine his attempts to build a great American society1964 electiondoes not believe he can win if hes lost Vietnam to communismthe lost of China and Korea would be chicken shit compared to what would happen if they lost VietnamLBJs Responseincrease advisors 23000 in 1964covert ops eg OPLAN 34asending commandos into N Vietnam to sabotage
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