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Vietnam [3] Richard Nixon's War and "Peace with Honour" (1968-75) Peace talks and the "secret plan" to end the war The anti-war movement [2] Cambodia and the "endless war" Peace, withdrawal, and defeat Some Vietnam legacies

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Darren Mulloy

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HI114November 23Vietnam 3 Richard Nixons War and Peace with Honor 196875APEACE TALKS AND THE SECRET PLAN TO END THE WARMay 13 1968Paris Peace talks beginno one is really interested in peace talksJohnson puts a temporary hold on bombing of N VietnamN Vietnam said make this permanent before we talkN Vietnam refuses to talk with the government of S VietnamOct 1968LBJ halts bombing of N VeitnamN Vietnam agreesstop attaching S Vietnam citiesreduce supplies to Southnegotiate with Nguyen Van Thieus governmentThieu suspects a sell out so that Democrats can win next electionThieu stalls peace talks debates the shape of the tabledoesnt go over well with Americans because fighting is continuedNeither N Vietnam or America is willing to make major concessionsNov 1968Nixon defeats Hubert HumphreyHenry KissingerNational Security AdvisorThe Secret Plan and Peace with Honorthere was no secret plan Nixon knew that the US could not win a decisive military victory in Vietnam didnt want to be the first president to lose a warmisunderstood the nature of the conflict in Vietnam like his many predecessors and advisorsWanted to end the war quickly didnt want to end up like LBJ holed up in the white houseSouth Vietnam must remain an independent noncommunist countryThe PlanVietnamization Deamericanization of the warwithdrawal of the US troopsMay 196925000 US troops outAug35000Escalation of bombing of N VietnamVietnam must have a breaking point Kissinger to NixonForce the Vietnamese to meet American termsCoupled with Nixons madman theoryneeds N Vietnams allies to put pressure on themneeds N Vietnam to think that hes as unpredictable as a crazy manThe Madman Theory
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