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Robert Davison

HI-114 Slavery and Abolitionism SLAVERY “Slavery is the permanent, violent domination of natally alienated and generally dishonored persons” 3 aspects of power: 1. Social and violence 2. Cultural and authority 3. Psychological and Perception  you can alter someone’s own perception of their best interest. People do things as they believe it is in their best interest SLAVERY = almost total power of the master and almost total powerless of the slave - Slaves are generally dishonored people - Stripped of their own name, given slave master’s name Historical Background - Slavery is a long history, all different cultures, religions have practiced slavery - Bible tells us there was slavery in ancient Israel, Greeks enslaved “barbarians”, slaves in India, slaves in China Slavery in Africa - War - (prizes of war included slaves) - Household gain / Debt -(may be sold into slavery) - Kidnapped - (kidnapped in order to be sold to Portuguese to be used in slave trade) 1502 – 1860’s: 9,00,000 African Slaves across the Atlantic - 41% to Brazil  brazil becomes huge producer of sugar. (sugar is main slavery task) - 47% to British and French and Spanish colonies (Caribbean, Cuba, Haiti etc) - 5% to Dutch, Danish, Swedish colonies - 7% to the United States Justifying Slavery 1. God said it was okay  bible said “slaves should obey their masters” 2. Philosophers said it was okay  symbolically dead. Lost war … enslave instead of kill is better 3. The law says it is okay  Massachusetts (1641) :” There shall never be any bond – slavery … or captivitie amongst us; unless it be lawful captives taken in just wars, and such strangers as willingly sell th
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