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Dana Weiner

Slavery in the Antebellum South: Cotton and Rice March 5, 2013 The Trend toward Expansion -Contradictions -Liberty of some people to expand west and prosper there was predicated by the conquest of other people and expropriation of their lands (native populations) -Liberty of white slave holders is enabled by their expansion of the institution -More freedom for some means worse slavery for others -Westward expansion could look different for different people -Concept of freedom was closely linked to the availability of Western land -“The West” keeps shifting -Territorial Expansion of the United States 1783-1853 Westward Motion -1800: approximately 400 000 whites West of Appalachians -Already was a native population there prior to their arrival -Whites were already outnumbering natives here -1840: crossed Mississippi River -7 million wiles West of the Appalachians -2/5 of the US total population at this time -Motivations -Thrive economically independently – guarantee the possibility of social mobility -Thought that US wouldn’t be a place with fixed social classes -Slaves were affected by the visions and dreams of whites and were moved west Who Moved Where -Three streams -Families, NY and New England -Northwest Territory (norther OH, IN and IL… MI and WI) -Upper Southern farmers -Moved to - Southern OH, IN and IL… Missouri (did bring slaves with them to Missouri) -Out of places like NC, VI and Kentucky -Variety of reasons why they went -Southern planters, small farmers, slaves -New Southwest (AL, MS, LA and AR) Cotton, Slavery, and Profit -Cash crop economies th -King Cotton = 19 century -The cotton gin: 1793 -Lots of people hand’s dirty with the institution not just the slave holders themselvses -High cotton output, high world’s demand -Slave South spread West The Cotton West -Planters pushed west -Internal slave trade -1800-1860 -Approximately 1 million slaves  west -Post Trans-Atlantic slave trade was outlawed in 1808 -Huge internal slave trade – moved around within US -Many families were separated from one another -Devestating impact on families -MD, VA SC – large slave populations -Send slaves to markets: -Mobile, AL -Natchez, MS -New Orleans, LA Effects of King Cotton -White prosperity -Newly able to profit from the slave system -Could have been a source of economic independence -National discord and sectionalism -Westward expansion caused internal problems in the US -Westward movement fostered a lot of disagreement over the boundaries of the slave region -On slaves’ families and communities -Brought Americans into conflicts with native peoples and with slaves (staying with families, etc)  meant that families were broken up and communities were dismantled -How else did cotton change slavery in the US? -Economy -Industrialization - slavery took up much of the economy -Slavery – didn’t industrialize – no railroads, etc Slavery in the Rice Regime -Transformation of slavery -Second middle passage -Cotton and sugar revolutions in the interior states where they had increasing value and economic importance -Effects and challenges of resuscitating and maintaining family ties -Those who left and stayed behind -Trauma to most AA - whether enslaves or freed -Economy and work – soil exhaustion in the east -Western competition and fluctuating world markets for their crops Effects of Moving -Who planters wanted -Younger, able bodied men and women – wanted to establish communities -Half were young adults and the other half were children -Who they did not want -“Refuse” slaves -Slaves they believed couldn’t survive the trails and tribulations of the trip -Old or very young slaves, ill, weak, etc. -Effect on older slave areas?
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