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Bruce Gillespie

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Nov 1, 2012
Week 8, class 2, thursday
media ethics
plagiarism: copying someone else's work and not giving credit, claiming it as your own.
Stealing or theft, self-plagiarism,
fabrication: make something up, no proof exists, exaggerating of existing facts, composite characters,
Why do people do these in the first place?
Deadline pressure
wanted publicity, ego factor--> headlines, front page stories
it may be easier than doing your research
worried that their work isn't interesting enough
not finding enough info to live up to the original idea
pressure from editors for better details
competing with other papers and journalists
money (for self plagiarism)
protecting a source (use an alias to protect source)
to land a better job
to inflate writing skills to show to others
to get respect from everybody else
how to avoid plagiarism and fabrication
provide more breathing room around deadlines
be humble (in regards to ego factor)
hire more hands to push out- costs $
cite and reference everything that's not your own idea
Background research before hiring someone
help reporters that are struggling- give them a source that would help them out
reiterate consequences of reputational damage, job loss etc so more incentive to comply with guidelines
better process for listening and reporting concerns
double check citations and sources
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