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November 6, 2012
Week 9, Tuesday
general story, how they did fact checking after the fact and how they found the errors.
Apple manufactures- \what's not true- what mike said about his trip to china- a mix of things that
happened and things he had heard about or researched- and pretends that he stumbled upon or saw.
Interpreter- “kathy” real name wasn't kathy it was anna- but the number was false- he had no way to
reach her nowadays
China correspondant- heard the story and had suspicions- went out and found translator-
mike kept them to prevent finding translator
name IS kathy. Not anna.
Guards at the gate- guns. False.
Only people allowed guns are military and police in China.
Workers don't meet in starbucks- because it's more expensive in China than in America. And workers
don't make much so they can't afford it.
Number of workers he talked to was false
chronology of events was false.
Lied about meeting a child who's 13 years old working in the factory. And about the man with the
crushed hand touching his ipad and saying this is magic.
Meeting days with a union- did happen. 25-30 workers in an all day meeting.
Instead it was 2-3 workers for a couple hours.
Iphone screen cleaner- poisoned- nothing happened in Shen Ghen- it happened over 1000 miles away.
Never saw any dorm rooms
mike says he went to 5 factories- he told other people 10. kathy remembers 3.
Mike says he was going to lie to lots of people- kathy says that was true as to he wasn't going to buy
products and he wasn't a business man.
Found errors through asking and interrogating the interpreter as to what's true and what's not.
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