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Bruce Gillespie

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November 20th, 2012
Week 11, Tuesday
NPR Handbook
-sources shouldn’t be surprised by the final product
-Informed Consent (yes I’m fine with it but I also understand what the risks are)
Possbile consequences (might look bad, might look good, more publicity.) more concerned with
ordinary and regular people.
Academic research (read over guidelines and give consent to participate)
R.E.B (Research Ethics Board)
Research Tool- questions asked in interview
Consent form- inform people of consequences (possible ones) of participating
Survey has to be approved by R.E.B before survey commences.
Every piece of research that comes out of uni and involved humans has to be approved and have
Standard journalists won’t show the interviewee the final product.
Value of on the spot reporting
Losing value if you let them reread the transcript or conversation or article before it goes to press.
Why not to share your story with sources before:
The appearance of a conflict of interest is as damaging as an ACTUAL conflict of interest.
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