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JN204 Lecture Notes - Leveson Inquiry, Npr

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Bruce Gillespie

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November 27, 2012
Week 12, Tuesday
Overview of test:
Format: short essay questions
Some options available to us, in terms of which q we answer
Material: opinion backed up by readings textbook etc.
-npr mr. Daisey Goes t the apple factory-this American life
- public editors responsibilities in respects to plagiarism and fabrication
-working with sources- readings in ethics handbook
-Leveson Inquiry regulation of journalism
-infamous plagiarizers and fabricators- jayson blaire,
Our of 15 marks, but worth 20 percent. 5% bonus on the hugo rodriguez lecture.
Do not accept gifts and let sources read article before:
It makes sources cranky- maybe I’ll get an injunction- by you showing- it opens door of injunction
SECOND: it allows injunction
Third: the appearance of a conflict of interest is just as harmful as an actual case of conflict of interest.
Loses public trust- think sources are getting a chance to modify outcome of final copy before it goes to
press- conflict of interest
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