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Journalsim th October 4 , 2012 Week 4, Class two, thursday Legal restrictions on media gatherings invasion of privacy Taking actions that invade the personal privacy or personal life of another Examples: publishing excerpts from someone's diary or posting a compromising photo of someone. B.C Saskatchewan. MB, Newfoundland and Labrador have privacy legislation that gives specific examples. Illegal wiretaps on phones, eavesdropping on private conversations, stalking someone, unauthorized use of personal diaries or documents, using someone's name or likeness without their consent to advertise products. Generally, journalists are only in danger of being charged with invasion of privacy if they use illegal or covert methods to collect personal information or harass someone when there is no public interest in their life. It's common practice to seek someone's permission before shooting or filming them in a public place. Singling out an identifiable person in a crowd, particularly at a controversial event, could be grounds for legal action. It's prudent to use a consent form and or explain to people how their photos will be used in context. SCC has said that artists, politicians, and other people whose professional lives rely on publicity must expect that some aspects of their personal lives will be in the public eye. Section 162 of the CC makes it an offence to watch, photograph or film someone, including public figures, at a time or place when a person is entitles to believe their privacy will be respected. Photographers could face five years in pr
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