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Bruce Gillespie

Journalismth October 9 , 2012 Week 5, Tuesday Contempt of Court contempt of court exists to ensure trial by court instead of trial by media and popular opinion. Stems from serious concerns about what opinions and evidence potential jurors might hear before or during a trial. For the presumption of innocence to have any meaning, people charged with crimes must not be convicted in the media and in the public mind before a court passes judgement. High risk info: Any suggestion that a suspect is guilty as charged before a conviction is made. Revealing a defendants criminal record. Publishing evidence that may never be presented in open court Disclosing that a defendant has confessed to police. The closer you are to a trial's commencement, the greater the risk of being charged with contempt of court for something you're published. Defining contempt of court No definition in legislation exists. “Any conduct that tends to being the authority and administration of law into disrespect or disregard” or tends to “interfere with or to prejudice parties or witnesses involved in a case before the court”- 1960's Canadian judgement. Indirect or external acts of contempt committed through the publication of information that is not part of a court proceeding, or that attacks the character of a participant in a legal action. SUB JUDICE contempt Designed to protect cases that are currently before a court. Aims to keep published accounts from misrepresenting a case or prejudicing the parties involved until it's resolved. Sub judice contempt charges in criminal cases. Journalists are only at risk of contempt if there is a live case before the courts. The SUB JUDICE rule goes into effect once police or prosecutors file a charge formally or when a judge summons an accused to appear in court or i
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