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Lecture 12

KP122 Lecture 12: Interesting Applications of Biomechanics.docx

Kinesiology & Physical Education
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Quincy Almeida

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Interesting Applications of Biomechanics 2015-02-12
Biomedical engineering for improvement of gait for those with below knee amputations
Using prostheses creates added metabolic demand
Important for young and elderly
Solution: Prostheses that return mechanical energy
Reduce need for metabolic energy
Biomechanics in Sport:
Design of equipment for sport
Ski Boots:
Modern ski boots are designed to protect ankles, but since 1972 have resulted in triple the number of knee
The ‘Klapskate’ for speed-skating
Hinge at tow
Introduced in 1998 winter Olympics
5% higher skating velocities
All speed-skating world records broken
Wind tunnels have allowed study for air resistance
Helmet, clothing and cycle design
Baseball Pitching:
High velocity pitchers display
Greater external rotation at the shoulder
Greater forward trunk tilt at ball release
Higher extention angular velocity at the lead knee
Greater angular velocity of the pelvis and upper torso than lower velocity pitchers
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Funding for athlete efficiency since 1981
Speed of discus at release
Projection angle at release
Height above ground
Angle of attack (relative to air current)
Methods for Solving Quantitative Problem:
Read the problem carefully
Listen to given information
List the unknown information for which you want to solve
Draw a diagram of the problem situation showing the known and unknown information
Write down formulas that may be of use
Identify the formula to use
If necessary, reread the problem statement to determine whether any additional needed information can be
Carefully substitute the given information into the formula
Solve the equation to identify the unknown variable (desired information)
Check that the answer is both reasonable and complete
Clearly box the answer and write a conclusion statement
=2 seconds
2 seconds for the pitcher
? = 15/9m-s
=1.6667 seconds for the runner to make it home
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