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Lecture 15

KP161 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Motor Skill, Automatic Control, General Idea

Kinesiology & Physical Education
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Michael Cinelli

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KP 161: Fundamental Motor Learning & Control
Post Midterm Content
Lecture #15 - Monday February 26th, 2018
Skill Presentation I
Chapter #7
Learner Preparation
Learner must be ready and willing to learn
Practitioners can directly influence learning preparation in two
1. Capture learners undivided attention before
introducing the skill
Ie: ensure there are not outside distractions
2. Introduce the skill in a manor that stimulates interest
Set induction - Rink, 2009 : way in which you prepare
the lesson and deliver it to the individuals
Ask yourself:
when you are learning a new skill are you easily distracted? What
helps you to focus & pay attention?
if you are teaching someone a new skill, how can you help him or
her ignore distractions such as a ringing cell phone?
Typically it takes 59 seconds to get back into the proper mindset
of focus to accomplish the task
Instructor providing effective verbal instructions needs to:
Have thorough understanding of skill being taught & convey
knowledge to learner
If you do not understand the skill you will not be able to
properly answer any Qs, bring their attention back in an
interesting manor etc
Give clear instructions that do not confuse the learner
Would an expert be the best person to learn from? Would they be
an effective instructor?
No bc the skill may come easy to the indiv who is an expert
and may not understand how to break the skill down into
Experts may skip steps
Learn best from ppl your own age
ie: if your teacher is a 60 yr old man & you are 7 yrs
old chances are you will not learn the skill effectively
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KP 161: Fundamental Motor Learning & Control
Post Midterm Content
Best teachers are the ones who have had difficulty to
become proficient @ understanding the skill because they
understand how to change certain aspects of a skill
Ask yourself:
When you are learning a new skill, do you prefer to have it
explained or shown to you? (most ppl will like to be shown how
to do something rather than receive a verbal explanation)
When you are teaching someone else a new skill, are you better @
explaining or demonstrating it? - instructors must do both
How could you improve either your explanation (verbal
Verbal Instructions
Role of task instructions - things you are trying to articulate to a
person learning a new task; have two distinct roles
Introduce learner to new skill: gives general idea of goal
Ie: general goal of tennis - bring racquet up to make
contact w the ball
Develop learners skill level: refinement
Cannot be refined right away; motivation is the key to
refinement & allow the indiv to be successful
Introduce the skill
Focus learners attn on critical elements of new motor skill -
don’t leave this to learner bc chances are they will not be
able to identify the most important elements
Beginners have difficulty discriminating between relevant &
irrelevant stimuli that inhibit performing the task effectively
Amount of information
Some practitioners get over excited & overload learner w all
the information @ once
Short & simple explanations: keep attn
Understanding learners attn level
Understanding learners motivation levels
Only supply key elements
Specifics should be addressed lated when learning is refining
the movement pattern
Adding more variables occurs @ this pt in a learners
ie: adding in defense men when dribbling a ball
to score a goal
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