KP231 Lecture 34: GUEST LEC 2

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Kinesiology & Physical Education
Renee Mac Phee

KP 231 Guest Speaker: Sexual Assault March 30 th Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Centre o Located within St. Marys Sexual Assault Any unwanted contact of a sexual nature o Touching, fondling, groping, kissing, forced intercourse Most common age for sexual assault is females aged 1624 They are not going to do anything the patient does not want them to do o It is completely optional and they offer many services including notifying the police on the matter Peoples main concerns are STIs, pregnancy, and HIV o Generally, no injury, especially if drugs and alcohol are involved o Gonorrhea and chlamydia are the most common STIs they deal with o Everything is confidential, unless the patient asks for the records to be sent to their family doctor o Plan B is offered to the female o Can offer preventative medication for HIV and can stop them from developing the virus For the police, they can use the sexual assault evidence kit o Collect thins under nails, on their clothes, any evidence that can lead to the assaulter, may photograph nongenital injuries, anything that can link the person to the crime o They can store the evidence for up to 6 months if the patient is not sure if they want the police involved or not o After a sexual assault, evidence can be collected up to 12 days Can test blood or urine for drugs to see if they were given something involuntary o Things like meth, cocaine, old people sleeping pills, anything that can render somebody helpless is considered a daterape drug o Alcohol is the number one daterape drug Consent o If someone says yes, and then passes out, that is not consent o The excuse of I was drunk is not an excuse o One time consent does not give unlimited consent Also offer counselling o Intense crisis counselling from a social worker Centre is 1 of 35 in the province that all offer the same options for care More male victims coming forward about sexual assault There is a paediatric unit o Children do not have a very good timeline and it is often not reported until a long time after they have been assaulted o 95 of the time when there is sexual assault, there is no injury People know childrens anatomy well enough to know what will hurt them Domestic Violence
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